Hiring a Bail AgentSecuring a quick jail release after any arrest is ideal. You do not want to spend much time behind bars. That’s why the bail system was put in place—to give defendants a chance to prepare themselves for trial and get their affairs in order. But first, you need to hire a competent bail agent.

What You Need to Know

Before you ever pick up the phone and call a local bail bond agency, make sure you’re prepared. The following information will be helpful in easing the process along.

  • You’ll need the full name of the defendant.
  • You must know where the defendant is being held. If the arrest was recent, the local police department might still have them in custody.
  • You need to know the charges the defendant is facing—the charges affect the bail cost.
  • If the judge has already set bail, you must know the amount to the cent.
  • If possible, try to have the case number of the defendant readily available.

If you cannot gather this information yourself, then the bail bond agent may be able to help you. While on the phone with an agent, let them know what information you have and what you still need. They may be able to make a few phone calls to the local court or holding facilities for more details.

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